Saturday, January 8, 2011



Hyoyeon – The Dancer
Her most recognizable trait is the art of the dance. Hyoyeon showcases moves that many idol girls can only dream about. With her hypnotizing hips, Hyoyeon garners fans across the globe.

Yoona – The CF Queen
Probably the most well-known face of the group. Yoona has been in the most commercials and dramas of all the girls in SNSD. She is constantly on-screen due to her pleasant face and lovable personality.

Sooyoung – The Spokeswoman
Often seen searching for the microphone, Sooyoung seems to seek the spotlight and tout SNSD’s mission statement at every opportunity. As the tallest in the group, Sooyoung often steals the hearts of many men with her long legs.

Yuri – The Black Pearl
The tanned one. The sex-bomb. The curvy one. Yuri.

Seohyun – The Shy, Innocent One
Seohyun possesses a strange charm: She’s soft-spoken, and often shies away when the spotlight is turned onto her. Not a typical trait of a celebrity, but one that makes people fall in love with her over and over again.

Sunny – Aegyo Queen
Aegyo is a Korean term used to describe someone who emits very cute and adorable traits. This usually causes a stir of affection in a person – similarly to how girls react to puppies. That’s just how guys react to Sunny.

Tiffany – The ‘Eye Smile’ Queen
Coming from LA, Tiffany is the second member fluent in English, alongside Jessica. Tiffany’s smile is known to radiate through her eyes, granting her the nickname: “Eye Smile Queen”

Jessica – The Ice Princess
Another lead vocalist who at times comes off cold, but is warm at heart. She’s also a San Francisco native.

TaeYeon – Leader
She is the core of the group. Arguably the one with the strongest vocalists of all Kpop idols.